Download Bobby Bumps and the Hypnotic Eye 1919 Online Free

Download Bobby Bumps and the Hypnotic Eye 1919 Online Free

Bobby Bumps and the Hypnotic Eye (1919)

Release : 1919-06-25
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Descriptions Bobby Bumps and the Hypnotic Eye

Animation featuring Bobby Bumps. A “Bray” Studios Production. Bobby tries to sneak his dog into the theatre. He gets past the woman at the kiosk but the commissionaire spots the dog in a mirror. The pooch licks tears from his master’s eyes as they sit on the pavement outside. An aristocratic lady arrives at the theatre in a chauffeur driven car and the dog gets underneath the train of her dress and into the auditorium. Bobby follows after him. They watch a film where a hypnotist commands his victim to “Bark like a dog”. Bobby tries to hypnotise his pet and tells him to “Bark like a dog”. He does so and they are thrown out of the theatre. They are kicked so hard that they fly through the window of a tram. Bobby then hypnotises the conductor into believing that they had paid their fare and indeed that the conductor owes them change. The conductor gives them some money. Bobby has a good laugh about their scams.
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